Cross-sector collaboration drives social change.

Companies and nonprofits need to work together to create real impact. People, technology, expertise, resources combine to accelerate the change we need in the world across every social mission. We can help you create effective programs and partnerships that deliver impact.

How Catoo Helps Companies

Social impact is a strategic imperative. These days, companies are expected to play a positive role in their communities. Consumers value brands that demonstrate social value. People want to work for a company with a solid social impact track record. Nonprofits value the same products that businesses use. Here’s how we can help:

Strategic corporate citizenship

Integrated philanthropy – more than writing a check. Integrated philanthropy lets you leverage your complete portfolio of assets – your employees time & talent, your products & services, your facilities & resources – for public good. We can help you define, build and grow a strategic corporate citizenship program that aligns your social and business goals.

Employee volunteering

Motivate and develop your employees. Setting up an employee volunteer program helps you attract and retain top talent. It’s a great way to facilitate teamwork, encourage leadership and build loyalty. We’ll help you create episodic or enduring volunteer programs, structured to support employees personal passions and your corporate social goals.

Donation programs

Grow your market. Is your product or service needed by nonprofits in pursuit of their mission? Most likely the answer is yes. Make your service accessible to nonprofits through a donation or discount program that gives them a needed product and you a new market. We can help you define the program structure, identify the market and construct an outreach program tailored to your needs.

Pro Bono consulting

Help nonprofits succeed. Your employees’ expertise may be the missing ingredient for high potential nonprofits. And blending pro bono into your product donation program could be accelerate the impact your progam has. We’ll help you define the skill sets, projects and structure needed for successful pro bono engagements.


Tell your story. Transparency and openness are watchwords in the world of corporate citizenship. We can help you incorporate the story of your social impact initiatives and the work of your people into your brand, using social & traditional channels.

How Catoo Helps Nonprofits

Integrate corporate resources into your organization. Nonprofits used to look to companies for financial support alone. But these days, there is so much more they can offer you - employee time & talent, shared resources, free or discounted products. Here’s how we can help:

Identifying your needs

Core to any successful partnership is finding the intersection of your needs and a company’s assets. You are closest to the issue; you know best what will make a difference. Using our Nonprofit Needs Inventory, we’ll help you identify specific areas where corporate resources can be applied. You’ll then be well prepared to focus on the corporate partners who are a great fit for your organization.

Designing a corporate partnership

Using the results of your Nonprofit Needs Inventory, we’ll help match you to companies that can supply what you need. We can guide your development, marketing and program staff in how to approach potential partners and how to structure your collaborative efforts.

Launching your new initiatives

Make the most of your new partnerships with a solid action plan and momentum-generating communications program. You’ll garner more support and attention when you execute with style and finesse. We can help, augmenting your staff capacity. And ongoing, we can help provide regular program updates that keep you and your corporate partners on track.

Key benefits
Building a strong corporate engagement strategy will help you:
  • Expand your development opportunities
  • Welcome powerful advocates for your mission
  • Open opportunities for pro bono support
  • Attract and retain key employee talent
  • Cultivate loyal volunteers
  • Advance your mission

What we do | We help companies build and scale high impact corporate citizenship programs.