Catoosis: Becoming better together

Last summer I was all set to adopt a lovely cat named Gem. The adoption coordinator had just one question.  Would I be willing to adopt a second cat?  After all, she pointed out, they do better together. And so a second cat entered the picture.  At a loss for the perfect name, we started to call her Cat 2….which eventually became Catoo and the name stuck.  At first, the two cats traveled the house separately. Opposites in terms of personality. Different patterns, needs, preferences, views of the world. But they kept making advances toward a more integrated life.  Now they happily play, snuggle together and take turns being “top cat” in the house.  Indeed, better together.

The best work I’ve seen in advancing social causes comes similarly from bringing those different worldviews together in a collaborative, cross-sector initiative. It could be employees of a company lending a hand or expertise to the staff of a nonprofit. Or a company with manufacturing plants working together with environmental groups to find sustainable solutions. Or a technology company giving its product to nonprofits looking to advance their causes globally.

And so Catoo Partners was conceived. We’re focused on helping each person, company or nonprofit see how they fit into collaborative efforts to create a greater good. Each of us comes at the problem with a set of connections, perspectives and ideas on how to make things better. But ultimately, we can do more good work together.

It’s what we call catoosis in my house… the state of being better together.

Judy Levine
Judy Levine
As an expert in corporate citizenship and social responsibility, Judy excels at strengthening brand visibility and leadership in corporate philanthropy. Her background includes leading integrated philanthropy programs and outreach for the Foundation, a highly recognized leader in the corporate social responsibility space. As the VP of Marketing & Engagement, she built demand generation and awareness programs and led employee volunteer programs for the 10,000+ employees. She developed expertise in pro bono as a VP at the Taproot Foundation, the national leader in facilitating pro bono service from the business community. Prior roles in her career included marketing director and VP positions with such companies as MarketTools, Nuance and MCI. Judy has been a featured speaker on CSR at industry conferences and is currently on the advisory board of, an initiative to provide nonprofits with access to communications technologies. She has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.