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Catoo Partners helps companies blend social impact and business success

We build and scale programs that apply corporate resources to social issues, in partnership with nonprofits. The result is an engaged & motivated employee base, positive brand visibility and progress on challenging social issues.

Catoo Partners

Your partner in social impact.

Why us? We’re expert at blending the values of social impact with the necessities of business success. We’ll help you find the right alignment of business & social goals, collaborate with the right partners, and drive active engagement by your team. We know it’s challenging to add another priority to your already full plate. By working with us, you gain expertise in social impact and can extend your existing resources.

We can help you:

  • Build corporate citizenship into your company’s structure & values
  • Create enduring partnerships with nonprofits
  • Tackle tough public perception issues
  • Engage your employees in volunteer work that makes a real impact
  • Measure the impact of your programs on social and business goals

Judy Levine
Judy Levine
Judy Levine



Judy Levine, President

As an expert in corporate citizenship and social responsibility, Judy excels at strengthening brand visibility and leadership in corporate philanthropy.  Her background includes leading integrated philanthropy programs and outreach for the Salesforce.com Foundation, a highly recognized leader in the corporate social responsibility space. As the VP of Marketing & Engagement, she built demand generation and awareness programs and led employee volunteer programs for the 10,000+ salesforce.com employees.  She developed expertise in pro bono as a VP at the Taproot Foundation, the national leader in facilitating pro bono service from the business community.  Prior roles in her career included marketing director and VP positions with such companies as MarketTools, Nuance and MCI.  Judy has been a featured speaker on CSR at industry conferences and is currently on the advisory board of twilio.org, an initiative to provide nonprofits with access to communications technologies. She has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

What we do | We help companies build and scale high impact corporate citizenship programs.