2014 April


Is free really free? Assessing the real impact of product donations

“There’s no such thing as a free horse.” We jokingly remind each other of that truism at the barn where I keep my decidedly not-free horse, whenever someone contemplates adopting a supposedly free animal. A quick reminder of the bills for the vet, farrier, tack, grain, blankets or multitude of other equine needs proves the lie behind that claim.

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Catoosis: Becoming better together

Last summer I was all set to adopt a lovely cat named Gem. The adoption coordinator had just one question. Would I be willing to adopt a second cat? After all, she pointed out, they do better together. And so a second cat entered the picture. At a loss for the perfect name, we started to call her Cat 2….which eventually became Catoo and the name stuck. At first, the two cats traveled the house separately. Opposites in terms of personality. Different patterns, needs, preferences, views of the world. But they kept making advances toward a more integrated life. Now they happily play, snuggle together and take turns being “top cat” in the house. Indeed, better together.

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